Baby Signing And How It Can Help Open Communication

Sign language was typically reserved for the deaf and those who communicate with them. Recently, baby signing has become a popular choice of communication for parents.

Quite often, before a child reaches two, it can be quite frustrating to communicate. The child does not typically have a full range of vocal communication to express what he or she needs. Parents often become frustrated when they do not know what their child needs. Even worse, if the child is hurt or does not feel well. This is where baby signing can help.

Improving Communication Skills

Research has shown that baby signing not only improves communication skills, but it can improve cognitive skills as well. Toddlers who learn and use sign language as babies, have a larger spoken vocabulary list than other toddlers. Recent research has shown that babies who sign score an average of 12 points higher on IQ tests than babies who do not sign. Babies who learned sign language are better readers when they enter kindergarten, according to recent studies.

Baby Signing Books

While there are many books dedicated to sign language, it is best to use books geared towards baby sign language. Keep in mind that babies are still learning motor skills, some advanced signs will be difficult to master. A book geared towards babies will only have signs that they can easily express.

When To Start Teaching Baby Sign Language

The best time to start teaching baby sign language is around eight months. Many parents will start to use sign language around six months, this way the baby will begin to recognize some signs. At eight months, most babies can use their hands well enough to sign back.

It is best to only start with one or two words, this way the baby will not be overwhelmed and reject the idea of signing. Pick a word that your child would use often. Some babies love extra food, ‘more’ would be a good first sign for them to use. Other babies like to drink plenty of juice and water, ‘drink’ would be a good sign for them.

Repetition Is Key

When you use the sign, use it repetitively. Sign and say the word together. Use the sign and word in different sentences. It may take several times before your baby is able to pick up on the sign, do not become discouraged. When they do attempt the sign, shower them with encouragement.

After your baby has mastered two signs, you can add one sign a week. Soon you will be on your way to communicating with your baby!

We Highly Recommend Using Baby Signing Time To Help You And Your Baby Communicate Better:


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15 responses to “Baby Signing And How It Can Help Open Communication”

  1. The Pinterested Parent says :

    We started signing with our daughter almost immediately. We would walk up to her and say mama or daddy and make the sign. As soon as she had the dexterity to do so, she was signing back. She is almost 3 now and talks up a storm, but even now still she will break out one of her old signs. It was a wonderful way to communicate before she spoke.

  2. nnzeadibe says :

    I never thought to teach my baby sign language. It will be a great learning experience for myself and the baby.

  3. tmstoneb says :

    I want to do baby signing so bad! I’ve always been a sign language fan (ever since I was a little kid!)! Where do I start? Should I get a book to learn the signs myself? She is only 2 months right now but I would like to just start learning so I know where to start with her!

    • Successful Parenting Today says :

      I highly recommend using signing time, by far it is the best informative baby signing DVD. Click on the banner with the DVD to find it. I did not learn sign language before hand, but it was pretty easy to learn while teaching the baby. I believe you can also buy flash cards and books from the same company that makes the DVD.(very helpful!). They have baby signing time collections, abc’s signing, and many more! You can work with your baby when they are younger than the recommended age, but you would be slowly introducing it. I would start off with basics like milk, mom, and dad. The best thing to do is speak while you sign, and even point towards the object you were signing about, so to speak. As your baby starts to learn and sign back, you can just keep incorporating more signs. I hope this help! 🙂

  4. pjmcc2014 says :

    Such an amazing idea, definitely considering this now..

  5. catherinemryan says :

    Signing with our daughter was such a help with communication! It was immensely gratifying to know what she wanted rather than guess at why she was crying. Now that she’s talking she doesn’t sign much, but it was wonderful before that.

  6. learntolovefood says :

    Signing is such a great way to enhance communication with young kids, especially pre-verbal kids! Signing Time is such a great program, too, the way she uses songs and music with the signs really engages kids!

  7. melodiemillerdavis says :

    I am curious as to whether it seems to delay actual talking??

  8. Kristi says :

    This is great. My daughter is an ASL interpreter and is starting to use baby sign with her 6 month old. Good post!

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