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Communicating With Caregivers About Your Child’s Allergies


Allergies are a real problem for many parents. Figuring out what your child can eat and be exposed to safely is a major concern, and one that often takes years of trial and error. When you do know that your child has an allergy, though, one of your most difficult tasks will be helping others to understand the dangers posed by allergens.


Communicating Child Allergies to Babysitters

Communication is really the key when dealing with a babysitter or any other caregivers. You want to make sure that the sitter knows about the allergies that your child has, and what substances can set off those allergies. Be clear, calm, and precise when listing these issues – and make sure that you write things down. After all, you might have all of your child’s allergies memorized, but that doesn’t mean that even someone as close as one of your relatives can do so after a single session. The more information you can give, the more you will be able to trust the caregiver.


You should also spend some time just being very honest with this person. Talk about the dangers of cross contact with other foods, and let him or her know what needs to be done to make sure that your child won’t come in contact with any allergens. Let him or her know that accidents still might happen, and what the symptoms of an allergic reaction look like. Share an emergency care plan when you go over the house rules, and make sure that the person caring for your child knows exactly what steps to take if something goes wrong.

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Preparation is really the key when dealing with allergies. Think about all of the changes you’ve made to your life, and realize that it will take time for any caregiver to really understand what you’ve had to do. Make sure that you are firm about what can or can’t be in your house, and always make sure that there is a plan for emergencies. If you can do that, you’ll be as prepared as possible for anything that might happen. If you want to learn more about dealing with allergies or parenting in general, follow us and read more from Successful Parenting Today.