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The Best Simple Exercises For Pregnant Women


Exercising while pregnant is important for the health of the woman and the unborn child. It improves the chances of safe delivery and minimizes the risks of developing complications during the gestation period. Doctors encourage this and recommend certain exercises for optimum results.

One of the most beneficial exercises for pregnancy is swimming. It helps to strengthen the limbs and also improves the conditions of the lungs and heart. It’s also fun when you feel lighter in water in spite of the extra weight you carry. It is better to swim in sanitized pools to reduce the chances of being infected.

Running is another good exercise for pregnant women. It can be done very quickly and requires no special equipment. After a good run, oxygenated blood flows faster to every part of the body and the unborn child also benefits from this. In addition, excess fat is burnt, thereby maintaining normal weight during the period.

You can also take a brisk walk when you have no strength to run. This is good for pregnant women who lack the physique for athletics but still want to keep fit and healthy.  A time table can be made to this effect and it is best to do it during free periods, usually early in the morning and after work in the evening. Endeavor to do it at least 30 minutes every day. You can create more time for this by keeping away the car keys for distances you can quickly cover by walking.

When your boss exempts you from work on certain days as a result of weakness, you can try mild exercises such as dancing. The gestation period is never a time to get bored as you can partake in many other activities you wouldn’t have time for with your normal routines.  So when next you are at home, turn the home theater system on and dance to those tunes you enjoyed with your husband when you first met him.

There are several forms of exercises that are beneficial for pregnant women.  Just don’t stress yourself and avoid exercises that will cause frequent contact with the bump you carry. Meet your doctor for advice or any expert in the field.


Astrology Signs Reveal Typical Mom Traits!

Your parenting skills are based on what you learned from your parents as a child as well as your basic make up as a person.  You already know how your parents reared you and your siblings, but to learn your instinctual parenting characteristics, consider your sun sign. The typical traits of moms can often be discovered through their astrological sign.

Aries & Sagittarius

Of the twelve zodiac signs, each sign has traits unique to members of that sign. The Aries mother, for instance is always on the go. She is busy moving from one place to another, whether for after school activities or a vacation she planned, while the Sagittarius mother is the Aries mother on steroids. She would readily load the kids up and take them on a trip around the world. She loves exploration so much she often fails to take into account her children’s natural inclinations.

Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius, & Capricorn

The Scorpio mom and the Pisces mom revel in the psychic world and fantasy, respectively. The children enjoy their ability to embrace make believe, but they need their moms to teach them to deal with reality. The Aquarius and Capricorn mothers teach their children valuable lessons about reality.  The Aquarius mom teaches her children how to be humane and how to embrace technological advances.  Still, it’s important she teaches them to enjoy their unique qualities, while cherishing friends and family. The Capricorn mom teaches her children to strive for success, but she must take every opportunity to teach her children important lessons including when they fail.

Libra, Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, Leo, & Cancer

The Libra mom must balance her time between fun and work. This will always be a struggle for her. The Virgo mom, on the other hand, must learn that life can be messy.  As organized as she is, she can come unraveled when faced with disorder and children are the epitome of messy. Gemini’s communicate well with their children, but sometimes it good to just be. The Taurus mom is generally an understanding mother, but she can be heavy handed with punishment. Cancer can be overprotective, but remember your children still need to learn how to stand on their own.  The Leo parent loves being the center of attention; just remember to share it from time to time with your children.

Guiding Your Children

Whatever your sun sign, remember to check yourself from time to time. Loving your children means equipping them and protecting them, so be sure to practice both. And most of all guide your children in the process of becoming who they are.

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