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Teach Your Kids to Write Stories


Teaching a child creative writing without taking all of the creativity out of the equation can be tricky but the results are worth the effort when you get to read a short story that shows how witty and creative your child can be.

Tips for Inspiring Creative Writing for Kids

  • Teach the techniques, but encourage free thinking.
  • Do not fix every little issue with grammar at first.
  • Read often with your child, and encourage them to read on their own. Discuss how certain books made them feel. What would they do different than the main character? Would they have changed the story in any way if they were writing in. Encourage them to occasionally look at great writing as a participate after they enjoy the reading for the sake of it.

Techniques to Cover

  • Establish that there is a beginning, middle, and end of a story. Reading short stories out lout and discussing which part fit where is a great informal way of establishing a storyline.
  • Identify the characters, and ask your child what makes them appealing, what makes some of them good, bad, scary, funny, and unlikable.
  • By reading out loud show examples of how an author shows location of a story and how they build a setting. Point out context clues such as the weather, scents, place names,and landmarks.
  • Ask your child about the problem in a story, and ask them to orally tell you the solution giving in the story. Discuss how the story ended, and ask them if the author left and questions unanswered.

How to Start

To keep your child from being nervous about actually putting pen to paper encourage free writing at first just to warm up. Journals are great for this. They need to feel that they can write anything without worrying about judgment on context or grammar to really get creative.

  • Once they are comfortable with passing their words from mind to paper, start helping them come up with ideas. You can make an idea box with random words such as blue, soccer, Paris, hot, banana, lizard, and they have to draw three words and make them key elements in their story.
  • Grammar matters, but at first you may want to keep it separate from your creative writing sessions so a creative child does not get discouraged from writing.
  • When creative writing comes more naturally you can start going over the editing process and work on improving syntax to produce a eventual perfect final copies of the best works.

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The Best Simple Exercises For Pregnant Women


Exercising while pregnant is important for the health of the woman and the unborn child. It improves the chances of safe delivery and minimizes the risks of developing complications during the gestation period. Doctors encourage this and recommend certain exercises for optimum results.

One of the most beneficial exercises for pregnancy is swimming. It helps to strengthen the limbs and also improves the conditions of the lungs and heart. It’s also fun when you feel lighter in water in spite of the extra weight you carry. It is better to swim in sanitized pools to reduce the chances of being infected.

Running is another good exercise for pregnant women. It can be done very quickly and requires no special equipment. After a good run, oxygenated blood flows faster to every part of the body and the unborn child also benefits from this. In addition, excess fat is burnt, thereby maintaining normal weight during the period.

You can also take a brisk walk when you have no strength to run. This is good for pregnant women who lack the physique for athletics but still want to keep fit and healthy.  A time table can be made to this effect and it is best to do it during free periods, usually early in the morning and after work in the evening. Endeavor to do it at least 30 minutes every day. You can create more time for this by keeping away the car keys for distances you can quickly cover by walking.

When your boss exempts you from work on certain days as a result of weakness, you can try mild exercises such as dancing. The gestation period is never a time to get bored as you can partake in many other activities you wouldn’t have time for with your normal routines.  So when next you are at home, turn the home theater system on and dance to those tunes you enjoyed with your husband when you first met him.

There are several forms of exercises that are beneficial for pregnant women.  Just don’t stress yourself and avoid exercises that will cause frequent contact with the bump you carry. Meet your doctor for advice or any expert in the field.


Simple And Effective Tips For Toddler Safety


Toddlers are usually very delicate and have to be kept away from any objects or surfaces that are likely to cause harm to them. It is every parent’s job to keep his or her toddler safe. Childproofing goes a long way toward ensuring toddler safety in the home. That is why it is advisable for parents to learn the different childproofing techniques that can be effectively applied at home.

Safety at Home

Kids can injure themselves in an instant. All it takes is for one to turn his or her head away for a moment. It is difficult for parents to identify all potential dangers around the home. However, for one to keep his or her children safe, he or she has to stay one step ahead of them all the time. Identifying dangers before an injury occurs can help one protect himself or herself from the distress that comes from injury to kids.

Identification of Toddler Safety Issues

The process of childproofing starts with identifying all the rooms that have things that can injure the kids. Some of those rooms include the kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom among several others. After doing that, one can go ahead and isolate specific areas and objects in the room that need to be childproofed.

Kitchen Safety

There are several things that one can do to ensure toddler safety in the kitchen. They include:

  • Placing safety latches on all doors and cabinets
  • Keeping lighters and matches out of reach
  • Removing all small magnets from the fridge
  • Moving glass items to higher shelves
  • Using the back burners of stoves and turning the pot handles towards the back of the stove
  • Locking all drawers and cabinets that contain scissors, knives and other small sharp objects
  • Keeping empty containers away from the edges of tables
  • Refrain from placing hot fluids on tablecloth.
  • Avoid holding or passing hot liquids to a child
  • Disposing of any plastic bags since they might cause suffocation

Those are toddler safety measures that one can use to keep the kitchen safe. There are many measures that one should take in the other rooms.

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Warning Signs For Suicidal Thoughts In Teens


One of the leading causes of death among teens is suicide. As a parent equipped with this shocking fact, it becomes necessary for you to take all the necessary steps to ensure that your child does not become part of the statistics. The tragic part about suicide in teens is that it is something that is preventable, and yet a lot of teens are committing suicide. Most suicides can be linked to psychiatric or emotional disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia, just to mention a few.

Having a Good Relationship With Your Teen

It is crucial for parents to have a good relationship with their children. That way, your teen will be able to talk to you about anything, no matter how bad or embarrassing it might be. Apart from having a good relationship with your teenage kids, you should also be the type of parent that can quickly detect if something is wrong with your child. As a parent of a teenager, you should be aware of warning signs of depression and suicide. Early detection of these warning signs can actually avoid a situation where your teenager becomes part of the statistics.

When it comes to suicide in teens, as a parent you should be aware of the following signs that your child might be depressed and might be contemplating suicide:

  • Withdrawing from family and friends- If you notice that all of a sudden your teen does not want to associate with other people, and just wants to be alone, do not just ignore these signs.
  • Being rebellious- Although it is a well-known fact that teenagers can be rebellious, if you notice that the behavior is something more than the ordinary teenage rebellion, you need to take the necessary steps.
  • Relationship issues- It is always important to pay attention to what will be happening in your teen’s romantic relationship.
  • All of a sudden giving away of possessions or gifts.
  • A sudden drop in school grades.
  • Change in eating habits- Emotional eating is not just prevalent in adults, it is also very common in teens. If you notice that your teen is all of a sudden gaining or losing weight, or the portion sizes have changed drastically, do not ignore such signs.
  • Abusing alcohol and drugs.
  • Having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much.
  • Talking of suicide- Your teen might do this even jokingly.

These are just some of the warning signs for suicidal thoughts in teens. The key is good communication skills and being involved as much as you can in your teen’s life.

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