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Communicating With Caregivers About Your Child’s Allergies


Allergies are a real problem for many parents. Figuring out what your child can eat and be exposed to safely is a major concern, and one that often takes years of trial and error. When you do know that your child has an allergy, though, one of your most difficult tasks will be helping others to understand the dangers posed by allergens.


Communicating Child Allergies to Babysitters

Communication is really the key when dealing with a babysitter or any other caregivers. You want to make sure that the sitter knows about the allergies that your child has, and what substances can set off those allergies. Be clear, calm, and precise when listing these issues – and make sure that you write things down. After all, you might have all of your child’s allergies memorized, but that doesn’t mean that even someone as close as one of your relatives can do so after a single session. The more information you can give, the more you will be able to trust the caregiver.


You should also spend some time just being very honest with this person. Talk about the dangers of cross contact with other foods, and let him or her know what needs to be done to make sure that your child won’t come in contact with any allergens. Let him or her know that accidents still might happen, and what the symptoms of an allergic reaction look like. Share an emergency care plan when you go over the house rules, and make sure that the person caring for your child knows exactly what steps to take if something goes wrong.

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Preparation is really the key when dealing with allergies. Think about all of the changes you’ve made to your life, and realize that it will take time for any caregiver to really understand what you’ve had to do. Make sure that you are firm about what can or can’t be in your house, and always make sure that there is a plan for emergencies. If you can do that, you’ll be as prepared as possible for anything that might happen. If you want to learn more about dealing with allergies or parenting in general, follow us and read more from Successful Parenting Today.

10 Common Mistakes Every Parent Can Make


Parenting is the toughest job you will ever have. Childhood is the time in which your child develops the personality he or she will have for the rest of his or her life, and the way you conduct yourself has an impact that will last long after the child leaves home. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of these ten common mistakes that every parent can make.

How Parents View Their Children

Some of the mistakes have to do with how we as parents view our children. Sometimes, we believe our children to be perfect – other times, we tend to underestimate the character of those children we have worked so hard to raise. The mistakes we have can also come in how we treat our relationship with the children – some parents worship the ground that their children walk on, while others are incredibly concerned with being the child’s best friend.

Mistakes That Impact A Child’s Life

Parents can also make mistakes that impact a child’s life. Some parents live vicariously through a child’s activities, while others are more concerned with having the child they want rather than the child that they have. These are dangerous mistakes that can cause a child major problems later in life. These problems are magnified by the next mistake – raising a child that is missing out on the wonder that is childhood.

Competitive Parents

Still, there are other problems that tend to have nothing to do with the kids. Some parents are competitive, trying to out do one another for their child’s love. Others forget that their actions are constantly being viewed by the child, forgetting that the child learns more from actions than words. Finally, there are those that simply spend too much time judging – forgetting that every parent has a different journey, and so too does every child.

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There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, and your parenting journey will be filled with mistakes. The most important thing that you can do is to acknowledge those mistakes and try harder to be a better parent. If you’re looking for ways to succeed and to avoid these pitfalls, make sure that you follow us to read more at Successful Parenting Today.

Having A Family May Improve Dad’s Career


All parents, it seems want the same thing.  They want a challenging and rewarding career and a healthy and happy family life. Most parents including fathers are working to facilitate their family life first and to climb the career ladder second.

For decades the male was expected to put his work life first followed by his home life.  Today’s fathers are more in tune with forging bonds with their children. They want paternity leave and flexibility in their schedules to pursue family obligations.  A recent survey of 970 working fathers found that their job satisfaction was directly tied to whether or not his employer was sympathetic to his sense of obligation to his family.

A Better Work-Family Balance

Whether it’s the dad’s career or the mother’s, parents today want less conflict between work and family.  They want employers that understand men and women find enrichment in work family environments that promote the relationships of parents and their children.  It is far more satisfying to work for a company that encourages the family relationship while seeking growth in their perspective industries.  These employees work harder because they know the value their job offers their families.

This fosters the worker’s allegiance to the job. And it works for men and women.  Women have traditionally felt more conflict between work obligations and family life. While fighting for the quality of their family life is new to men, they are experiencing far less conflict.  Any worker who knows they are appreciated for what they bring to the table at work will feel a greater appreciation for their jobs especially when family obligations must take precedence. They feel a sense of comfort knowing their jobs will be there when they can return to work.


Guilt-Free Days Off

More and more men are taking family leave and they’re doing it with the support of their employers. They’re taking guilt-free days off to pursue family matters and experiencing no repercussions for those days off. And they’re not experiencing any career setbacks due to their choices.

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The tide is still turning as more and more fathers are learning the joys of fatherhood.  They continue to take more of an active role in rearing their children. Fathers do this not with the intention of sacrificing job satisfaction, but with the intention of gaining satisfaction in their roles as fathers.  Now that the concept of work family includes one’s professional career and one’s personal family life, we are poised to see continued change as workers demand it. To keep up with the trends in family and parenting, follow us at Successful Parenting Today.

Astrology Signs Reveal Typical Mom Traits!

Your parenting skills are based on what you learned from your parents as a child as well as your basic make up as a person.  You already know how your parents reared you and your siblings, but to learn your instinctual parenting characteristics, consider your sun sign. The typical traits of moms can often be discovered through their astrological sign.

Aries & Sagittarius

Of the twelve zodiac signs, each sign has traits unique to members of that sign. The Aries mother, for instance is always on the go. She is busy moving from one place to another, whether for after school activities or a vacation she planned, while the Sagittarius mother is the Aries mother on steroids. She would readily load the kids up and take them on a trip around the world. She loves exploration so much she often fails to take into account her children’s natural inclinations.

Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius, & Capricorn

The Scorpio mom and the Pisces mom revel in the psychic world and fantasy, respectively. The children enjoy their ability to embrace make believe, but they need their moms to teach them to deal with reality. The Aquarius and Capricorn mothers teach their children valuable lessons about reality.  The Aquarius mom teaches her children how to be humane and how to embrace technological advances.  Still, it’s important she teaches them to enjoy their unique qualities, while cherishing friends and family. The Capricorn mom teaches her children to strive for success, but she must take every opportunity to teach her children important lessons including when they fail.

Libra, Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, Leo, & Cancer

The Libra mom must balance her time between fun and work. This will always be a struggle for her. The Virgo mom, on the other hand, must learn that life can be messy.  As organized as she is, she can come unraveled when faced with disorder and children are the epitome of messy. Gemini’s communicate well with their children, but sometimes it good to just be. The Taurus mom is generally an understanding mother, but she can be heavy handed with punishment. Cancer can be overprotective, but remember your children still need to learn how to stand on their own.  The Leo parent loves being the center of attention; just remember to share it from time to time with your children.

Guiding Your Children

Whatever your sun sign, remember to check yourself from time to time. Loving your children means equipping them and protecting them, so be sure to practice both. And most of all guide your children in the process of becoming who they are.

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