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Teaching Your Teens About Drugs and Addiction


It is probably one of the toughest subjects a parent will have to tackle, when it comes to steering kids in the right direction and keeping them off of destructive paths. We are talking about drugs; and you should be talking about drugs with your kids before someone else starts talking to them about drugs.

In the United States — today — it is estimated that the average young person will first come into contact with an illicit drug by the age of 11 years old, and the average age that an American child first experiments with controlled substances (including alcohol) is roughly 12-13 years old. It has been said — for many years — that talking to your children about drugs and the dangers of them, will greatly reduce the chances of a child or teen experimenting with drugs. This is a very true statement, however many parents simply are not having these talks with their children — for whatever reasons — and it is evident in the statistics.

Drugs are very prevalent in American Society today — there is simply no way around that fact. Individuals WILL come into contact with these substances at least once in their lifetime, so it is so very important that individuals are ready and equipped with the knowledge and the skills to recognize that drugs are dangerous and detrimental to their futures and everything they take for granted. By educating individuals while they are still teens and young adults, those skills are present and they are ready to handle any incident that occurs, especially when they are being pressured into using illicit drugs.

Still, many parents are hesitant, or unequipped-themselves to be able to effectively teach the skills needed for their children to cope with an incident involving drugs. Many drug rehabs and addiction treatment centers are therefore taking a pro-active approach and are trying to reach out to parents who simply do not know how to approach their sons and daughters about all of the negative effects of drug use. Through materials, counseling and support, drug rehabs in Texas and all over the country are making-available their services to at-risk parents and teens, in order to treat drug use and addiction before it even exists.

Learn how you can help become a part of the pro-active fight against drug addiction, and get advice and counseling on how to talk to your teens about drugs, alcohol, and other behavioral dangers:

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