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Getting Your Kids To Bed On Time, Painlessly


It’s no mystery that the last thing children want to do is go to bed, no matter their age. They can think of a million things to do aside from hitting the sheets and heading to z-town. However, studies indicate that the most important thing a child can do during their formative years is get enough sleep. This is especially crucial during their critical years of growth. Here are some tips from Successful Parenting Today:

Set up a Schedule:

While this is difficult for some families to stick to due to work schedules or split family visitation schedules, it is important to maintain a strict bedtime schedule. That way, your child will always know what to expect and when. Show them what time is bedtime on the clock every night, how long it is until bedtime, and let them know what needs to be done until bedtime.

Create a Routine:

When children have a routine to follow every night at bedtime, they are less likely to fight you when it comes time to go to sleep. However, establishing this routine may have some bumps along the way. So, be prepared for that. Kids and bedtime is a rocky road to travel, therefore it’s important to practice patience during every leg of this journey. Be firm, and explain to them why it is important to have this routine and that it is healthy for them to follow. Don’t forget to let them use the potty during this routine.

Give Some Leeway:

Don’t be too structured with your routines and schedules or else your kids and bedtime routine won’t work. Set up a white noise machine in the bedroom and keep it playing in the background from the moment you begin your routine as an indicator that you’re ready to begin. Bring out the soft toys that are allowed to be in bed with your child during bedtime, and put away everything else. This is another indicator that their routine is beginning. However, this leeway does not include allowing your child to continue getting out of bed over and over.

Simple Activities To Entertain Kids On Summer Break


Oh no! It’s almost summer break and how are you supposed to keep the kids entertained for all those weeks without them becoming bored while their knowledge from school does little more than rot in their minds. Just take a deep breath and read through Successful Parenting Today’s list of kid-approved activities that are both mentally stimulating and a lot of fun!

  • Start a blog: A blog may seem like a lot of hard work, but it can also be fun and stimulate those creative processes children love to use when playing games into an outlet that will let them develop their writing skills. Writing and creativity are key to a successful future.
  • Try a new sport: Little ones have tons of energy that needs to be expended during the summer months. Learning a new sport will allow them to both expend some pent up energy that might otherwise be engaged only with video games into a much more healthy venue where they have the potential to meet plenty of new friends.
  • Put together a craft box: One of the most popular toys of the past year were loom kits that allowed children to make bracelets, necklaces, and rings for their friends and family. With a craft box, you can continue the creative streak with an arts and crafts style box just for your child to play with.
  • Make a movie: Did you know Steven Spielberg was only a teenager when he began making movies? With nothing more than a smart phone, today’s children can make and edit their own movies in another creativity stimulating activity for your children this summer break.
  • Start a business: Maybe your child’s movie is actually pretty good. Perhaps their arts and crafts projects are really starting to take off. You can use these projects or perhaps a completely new endeavor and show your children the importance of money.

Summer vacation is meant to be a time for relaxation, but you wouldn’t want too much knowledge slipping from your child’s memory banks. With these great potential activity ideas, your summer vacation will be both fun and educational.

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The Love Run Race Day 2015: Photo Gallery

145194074Well, that’s it… Race Day 2015 for the Love Run Half Marathon is done and in the books. We would first like to thank all of our readers who were able to make it out to race day, it was a lot of fun! We are already getting ready for next year’s race: The Love Run 2016 — which will have a date set and announced in the near future… Until then, enjoy some of the race day photos below, and don’t forget to visit the official site of the Love Run for even more race day photos and the full list of results and times.

2015 Love Run Race Day


The Love Run 2015

The Benefits Of A Parent Date Night


In a culture with a lot of emphasis on the “soul mate” aspects of a relationship, people are becoming more and more dependent on high levels of personal fulfillment, intimacy, and communication. One way to fulfill these aspects of life is with the inclusion of a parent date night. There are many benefits to including a weekly date night to any parent’s routine that can help strengthen a relationship and build the kind of trust parents need when raising children.

Communication is Key

You have probably heard the phrase ‘communication is key’ numerous times over your life. This is especially important to parents. With a weekly date night, you are allowed the sort of quite communication your mind craves after a long, hectic week spent debating the politics of ice cream with toddlers and arguing with teens. You will, like many parents, face problems in your day to day lives that will be much easier to face with the help of your significant other.

Stimulates Love Life

A date night is exactly that, a night for a date. If your love life has been a little lacking recently, this is the perfect chance to rekindle the romance. You’re more secure in your relationship with your significant other, but you might be feeling a strain on your love life with the addition of children. Adding a date once a week can spice up some of the romance you might need to kick start the heart eyes you crave from your partner.

Helps Bonding With Your Significant Other

Date nights are amazing for bonding with your significant other. With just a few short hours, you’re suddenly feeling more relaxed and able to relieve some of the burden with the help of your loved one. You very well might be spending the rest of your life with this person, the bond that you share may wane with time, but you always have the opportunity to feel that closeness again with a simple date.

There are tons of great benefits to be found with the intimacy and entertainment found in a weekly date night. You, your partner, and your children will all benefit from the trust built and the re-strengthening of your relationship.

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Tips For Keeping Kids Safe On Vacations


How many times have you seen a child wandering in a crowd and then think, “How can the parents be so careless?” Upon talking to a mother and a father, however, most likely you would find that the parents simply turned their backs for a moment and the child was gone in flash, no carelessness involved. That situation could happen to anyone, including you and your partner.

In the rare event that your child runs off, here are some practical tips that you can use to help ensure kids’ safety.

Go With the Wind

You may laugh at this statement, but it’s true. Children who get separated from their parents tend to go the way the wind pushes them. If your child is separated from you on a beach or other expansive area, see which way the wind is blowing and keep it at your back while you are trying to track and find your child.

Place Vital Information on Your Child’s Possessions

Put information such as your child’s name, date of birth, height, weight, blood type and other vital statistics such as persons traveling with you, etc., along with your contact information in items such as belts, backpacks, fannypacks and clothing with pockets. Place the information on your computer and update as required for future trips. Keep it waterproof by placing vital statistics in a plastic bag.

Use a Sharpie

Using a Sharpie or another type of permanent markers to write cell phone numbers and essential vital information such as address, parental names, etc., on your child’s arm. These moves can make a difference when your child becomes separated from you. Using a metal ID bracelet with the same information can accomplish the same thing.

Family Photos

Place a family photo with your child’s belongings so that in the case that you do become separated, law enforcement officials can try to pick you out in a crowd.

Pack Business Cards

Another easy, but vital, piece of information are hotel business cards. Place these within other essential identifiers to help individuals contact you in the event of an unforeseen separation.