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Tips For Caring For Your Partner When She Is Pregnant


When your partner is pregnant, you need to bare in mind that your are in this together. She may be carrying the child, but it just as much yours as it is hers. So you need to be supportive and help where you can. You should also be understanding to the fact that carrying a child is no easy task and let her off the hook when she tends to express herself in more ways than one.

Understanding Pregnancy Hormones

Hormones play a large role in the development of the child, and can cause a range of emotions in the mother. These emotions can range from bursting happiness to a low, painful depression, and these shifts in emotions can happen in minutes. As the partner of a pregnant mother, it is your job to understand that these changes in emotions are part of the pregnancy process, and are not easily controlled by the mother. Be nurturing and supportive, understand that these emotions are not easily controlled, and try and help the mother to remain positive and bright.

Antenatal Depression

This goes along with the subject of pregnancy hormones, though is usually more severe than just simple mood swings. Antenatal depression occurs when the mother begins having feelings of uncertainty. While this often passes quickly, in some mothers it tends to linger. If there is a case of antenatal depression, it is even more important for the partner to be very supportive of the mother, and to try and keep her focused on the happy points and the outlook for a bright future.

Be 100% Involved

This extends to more than simply knowing the various phases of the pregnancy and knowing that the phases will change and evolve throughout the pregnancy, it requires the partner to be in-tuned with the mother during these changes, and to be ready to help and support the mother throughout all phases. This is especially important in the later stages of pregnancy, when mothers are beginning to feel that very strong connection between her and the unborn baby… It is important for this connection to be a trinity between you, the mother and the baby. Do all you can to let her know that you are a part of this.

Learn to Share Feelings

This is important for the mother as well, but here we will focus on the partner of the mother. Your feelings are important too; and, while you should remain supportive of the mother’s feelings all throughout the pregnancy, don’t let her forget that your feelings matter too. This will also help to support the trinity of the mother-child-partner connection.

Support and love are the main points to be remembered when caring for a pregnant mother. Make sure that above all, you are on the same page with what is going to happen, you both know that you are in it together 100% for the entire 9 months, and let her know that you are a rock she can lean on, but to remember that you are an emotional being with feelings as well.

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