Advice For Parents Buying A Guitar For Children


As a parent, you have decided to buy a guitar for your child so he/she can begin learning how to play, learn about music, and have a great and healthy hobby. Before you go and make the investment into purchasing the instrument, there are a few tips that parents should know:

Purchase A Guitar At The Correct Time

The first thing to think about is: “Is my child old enough to start playing?” This is very important because buying a guitar for your child too early will cause them to not take it seriously enough to make it a talent and a hobby. Some parents think, “Oh well, if it is too early at-least we have the guitar and they can pick it up whenever they want to.” This doesn’t usually happen; the majority of musicians that take their playing seriously, got the itch to play guitar right from the get-go. The trick is to simply pick the right time in your child’s development to introduce the guitar. This may be a difficult thing to gauge, but the best time to introduce a child to a guitar is around 9-12 years old for boys, and 8-13 for girls. The biggest thing to remember is that you should buy your child a guitar around the time when they start to take interest in their room, their friends and social circles.

Cheap Guitars Can Be Harder to Learn On

Okay, so you are ready to buy your child a guitar, you think it is the perfect timing for it, so you buy a cheap $99 “starter” guitar to get them going and see if it works for them. The problem with this is that cheap guitars are cheaper for a reason. Guitar makers do not put the effort and craftsmanship into the cheap guitars that they put into their more expensive models. This means that a cheaper guitar is not going to be as balanced for sound as the expensive models. This also means that the notes will not sound as good on a cheap guitar as on an expensive one, which can hinder a child’s learning on guitar, thinking they aren’t playing right because it doesn’t sound as good as when they hear guitar on songs or other people’s playing. Spending a little extra money on a higher quality guitar will mean that the guitar naturally sounds better, meaning your child’s playing naturally sounds better. When the notes a child plays sound good, it motivates a child to stick with playing and expand their talents.

Setup The Guitar Before Giving It To Your Kids!

This is the most important thing to remember when purchasing a guitar for your kids. When you purchase brand new guitar, the “setup of the strings” is set to a default setting, meaning that the strings will usually be very high up off the fretboard of the guitar. When the strings are set this high, a guitarist has to push his/her fingers down harder to hit a clean note. This is very difficult and painful for even guitarists with decades of playing under their belt, let alone a child that is struggling to build up finger strength and dexterity. The top reason that so many kids don’t stick with playing guitar is because it is so “hard” or even painful. Getting the guitar setup by a professional guitar tech will make sure that the guitar is easy to play, and will encourage your kids to stick with it even further.

Finally, the next thing a child needs when learning the guitar is plenty of support and encouragement. Make sure that they know that they are really working towards a talent that will help them in all aspects of their lives in the future. The gift of music is a beautiful thing, just remember these tips before you give that gift.

The Best Gift You Can Give a New Student of Guitar is a Snark Tuner that Makes Tuning Easy:

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4 responses to “Advice For Parents Buying A Guitar For Children”

  1. Juliana Williams says :

    I had a guitar at a very very young age and I am forever thankful for it cause now it is something I can play and not only entertain others but take away all my stress.

  2. Alan McDonald says :

    What great advice. I have yet to see somebody talk about a poor quality guitar but it is instrumental (slight pun intended) towards fingers hurting to the point of bleeding. The electronic tuner is also a great idea. I recall as a kid, spending more time trying to tune the guitar. Also, the lesser quality instruments are typically difficult to almost impossible to properly tune. Great article and one that should be read by parents with little knowledge in this department.

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