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Protect Your Home With Emergency Backup Generators


There are many things families should consider when preparing protection for their homes; among the concerns are fires, break-ins, floods and many other issues, but one concern that is more important in today’s technological world than ever before is protecting your home electronics and utilities. Power outages and surges can happen at any time — during a storm, under heavy snows, or due to other emergencies. Protecting your home’s power supply and utilities in an utmost concern, but can be easily protected.

Home Power Surge Protection

Protecting your electronics and utilities from power surges starts with surge protection in the main breaker of the home. While this is your vanguard for protection against surges, it does not always offer 100% protection. For additional protection, it is recommended that homeowners hook up their important and expensive electronics to a reliable surge protector that will give an extra layer of protection against these surges. When it comes to your HVAC system, air conditioning or furnace system, a special type of surge protector that is made for HVAC units should be installed.

Home Emergency Backup Generators

When electrical emergencies happen, they typically affect large parts of the power grid — not just your home. If your home electricity is out for an extended period of time, this can cause a number of problems. Firstly, don’t expect your home heating and air conditioning systems to work without power — this can cause uncomfortable situations during the outage. Second, if you have multiple refrigerators or freezers full of perishables, those items will certainly go bad quickly in an extended power outage; leading to an expensive loss of goods. Protecting against these losses is easy if you have an emergency home backup generator. With the ability to run on natural gas lines already hooked up to the home, or with gasoline, a home backup generator will ensure that you have a source of power to keep HVAC systems running and keep food from spoiling.

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Different Ways Long Distant Grandparents Can Stay In Touch

Being a long distant grandparent can be quite tough. However, even though you may not be able to see your grandchildren as often as you would like, there are still many ways you can keep in touch. Below are some of the ways you can keep in touch with your grandchildren:


146765384Telephone contact is important because it allows you and your grandchildren to hear each others voices. There are many inexpensive calling cards that can be used to make it easier and cheaper for you to stay in touch with your grandchild. Try to call during the times when the family is not rushed so that your grandchildren will have enough time to speak to their grandparent.

Snail Mail

Children love receiving letters in the mail from their grandparents. You should also encourage your grandchildren to send you letters also. If you have young children, then you should consider keeping the letters short and simple. In addition to letters, you can also send your grandchildren a care package in the mail.

Tape Or Video Recording

You can keep in touch with your grandchild by using a handheld tape recorder. You can record yourself doing things your grandchildren enjoy, such as reading a book or singing a song. If you choose to record yourself reading a book, you may also want to send a copy of the book. Additionally, you can send your grandchildren video clips of yourself and encourage them to do the same.


451417733Most children today are Internet-savvy. That is why you may want to use the Internet to keep in touch with your grandchildren. You can send your grandchildren emails a few times out of the week. You can also instant message your grandchildren. Additionally, you and your grandchildren can share digital pictures and/or play online games.

Staying In Touch Is Possible

Staying in touch with your grandchildren makes the challenges of being far away from them a lot easier. You can keep in touch with your grandchildren by calling them or sending them mail. You can also use a tape or video recorder to keep in touch with your grandchildren. Additionally, the Internet can also make it easier to stay in touch with your grandchildren.

How To Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s absolutely essential that you stop smoking. Not only do you not want your growing baby to be exposed to nicotine, you don’t want your baby to be greeted by cigarette smoke everyday of his or her new life. The safest ways to quit is cold turkey, which most people are unable to do. Although, there are many options available to help you quit like nicotine patches and and a drug called Bupropion (Zyban).  The latter two options do not have any study data to dispute their safety to use during pregnancy, but it’s still always best to consult your obstetrician before you use them to quit smoking.

Know All Of Your Options

151335492Nicotine Patches, gums and sprays are very effective in aiding your smoking cessation efforts.  Both 18 hour patches and 24 hour nicotine patches deliver a dose of nicotine throughout the system that keeps the smoker from craving the nicotine from cigarettes. It’s not known if these patches affect a pregnant women, but it will affect her infant if she is breast feeding. If you choose to use nicotine patches, select the 18 hour patches rather than the 24 hour patches and wear them during the waking hours to limit the amount of nicotine of which you are exposed to during your pregnancy. If you use gums or sprays, do not overuse them, again to limit your baby’s exposure to nicotine. By using nicotine patches instead of quitting cold turkey, you boost your quitting success rate from 1 in 20, to 1 in 10.

Another Option To Consider

There’s another method that can be used to quit smoking during pregnancy, using Bupropion.  Bupropion is considered safe for pregnant women, but no extensive studies have been made. First marketed as an antidepressant, it was discovered through the observation of Bupropion patients that it helped them quit smoking. Soon pregnant women were given the drug to facilitate smoking cessation. It also increases you quitting success rates to 1 in 10.  This drug also passes through a mother’s breast milk, so it is not recommended for nursing mothers.

What Is The Cost?

475034373The cost of the above listed cessation methods is minimal ($70-$160) compared to the health problems your child can suffer from if you continue to smoke during your pregnancy. Smoking increases the risk of babies being born with lower birth weight, cleft lips, undescended testicles, gastrointestinal abnormalities, closed anuses, heart defects and other body malformations. Don’t run that risk. You may not have planned your pregnancy and quit before getting pregnant, but now that you are with child, it is important for you baby’s health to stop smoking.

Dealing With Time-Outs: Pros And Cons

If you are wondering what the pros and cons are with dealing with time-out maybe this will help you. Time out may work for some kids but others not so much. Some parents also are able to implement the time-out better than other parents. It can be a good tool though to use if done correctly.

Here are the pros to time-out:

76754256When your child is having a tantrum or misbehaving in some way, it is good to remove the child from the situation. Doing this allows the child to try to calm down. It also gives the parent a chance to let the child know that his or her behavior is not acceptable.

To make sure that the time-out work well, it is good to talk to your child before things start going wrong. It is also important to use this technique for discipline sparingly. It is important to choose which battles you want to take head on.

The length of this type of discipline should be age appropriate. The time should also depend on the nature of the infraction. The time out should match to what the offense was.

When the time-out is finished, talk to the child about why he or she was placed in time-out. Keep it to the point. Also, let the child know that you still love him or her.

Here are the cons:

153694220Children that are young, often don’t know why they are placed in time-out. They may repeat the same offense over and over again. Also, the time-out may be given inconsistently and that could cause it to becomes ineffective.

Another reason why this type of discipline may not be good is that the child resists greatly. The parent may have to keep checking on the child and may even fight him or her to get to the time-out spot. This can make everyone unhappy and angry.

The parent may also not apply this form of discipline and therefore the child may think that he or she can get away with most everything. Many parents threaten that they will discipline their child but don’t follow through.

So whether you think time-out is the way to go or not, it is best to consider if that type of discipline will work for you and your child.

Baby Signing And How It Can Help Open Communication

Sign language was typically reserved for the deaf and those who communicate with them. Recently, baby signing has become a popular choice of communication for parents.

Quite often, before a child reaches two, it can be quite frustrating to communicate. The child does not typically have a full range of vocal communication to express what he or she needs. Parents often become frustrated when they do not know what their child needs. Even worse, if the child is hurt or does not feel well. This is where baby signing can help.

Improving Communication Skills

Research has shown that baby signing not only improves communication skills, but it can improve cognitive skills as well. Toddlers who learn and use sign language as babies, have a larger spoken vocabulary list than other toddlers. Recent research has shown that babies who sign score an average of 12 points higher on IQ tests than babies who do not sign. Babies who learned sign language are better readers when they enter kindergarten, according to recent studies.

Baby Signing Books

While there are many books dedicated to sign language, it is best to use books geared towards baby sign language. Keep in mind that babies are still learning motor skills, some advanced signs will be difficult to master. A book geared towards babies will only have signs that they can easily express.

When To Start Teaching Baby Sign Language

The best time to start teaching baby sign language is around eight months. Many parents will start to use sign language around six months, this way the baby will begin to recognize some signs. At eight months, most babies can use their hands well enough to sign back.

It is best to only start with one or two words, this way the baby will not be overwhelmed and reject the idea of signing. Pick a word that your child would use often. Some babies love extra food, ‘more’ would be a good first sign for them to use. Other babies like to drink plenty of juice and water, ‘drink’ would be a good sign for them.

Repetition Is Key

When you use the sign, use it repetitively. Sign and say the word together. Use the sign and word in different sentences. It may take several times before your baby is able to pick up on the sign, do not become discouraged. When they do attempt the sign, shower them with encouragement.

After your baby has mastered two signs, you can add one sign a week. Soon you will be on your way to communicating with your baby!

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