Tips For Preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)


In order to prevent SIDS, infants should be placed on their back during sleep time. This is the safest position for newborns and preterm babies. Babies should be placed to sleep on a firm mattress. They should be laid to sleep on any soft surfaces such as couches, pillow, blankets and quilts and this highers the risk of smothering in their sleep. Babies should not share a sleeping area with anyone. It is good to have the baby sleep in the same room as you so that you can keep a closer eye on baby, however, once you feed baby, he or she must be placed back into their own sleeping area, be it a cot, bassinet or safety approved crib. It is also recommended that you keep all soft objects out of babies cot. These apply to soft toys such as stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, quilts so on. Crib bumpers have also been known to cause serious injury to babies and in some cases, even death.

Other Ways of Reducing the Chances or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

It is suggested that women exercise precaution during pregnancy in order to avoid sudden infant death syndrome. This includes avoiding alcohol, drugs and even cigarettes during pregnancy. Instead of giving your baby a pacifier attached to a string, use a dry pacifier that is not attached to any string to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Don’t keep baby too warm during sleep time. Your baby should be dressed in only 1 extra layer of clothing than you are during sleep time. Try and avoid using socks and hats on baby during nap time, so that if baby is hot, the heat can escape through these areas. Give your baby plenty of tummy time when he or she is awake. This helps to strengthen baby’s head, neck and shoulders and helps to keep the flat spots at the back of baby’s head at bay. Avoid products and items that claim to reduce sudden infant death syndrome as many of these products have not been tested for their effectiveness, or their safety.


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2 responses to “Tips For Preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)”

  1. Amanda says :

    It’s funny. I was a momma that always worried that my son would be too warn while sleeping when so many are usually worried about their babies being cold!

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