Tips For Not Raising “Entitled” Kids


Sometimes, you let your child get away with things that they should not. For example, you may let them keep the loose money they collected from the drawer, let them get away with not doing their chores or sometimes let them have it their way even though you know it is entirely wrong. This may lead to development of an entitled child if not checked. Well, instead of letting your child grow up thinking it is fine to do some things, here are parenting tips that may help you in being the best parent.

Help them learn how to deal with disagreements with their friends. If you get in the way all the time a battle erupts, the child may not learn how to deal with problems when they arise in future. Therefore, teach them how they can deal with certain situations effectively by themselves. As a parent, you can tell when your child is doing well or not. You also have the ability to tell when things are getting out of hand and your assistance is needed. In such situations, handle the situation with care to enhance amicability in the next course of action.

You are the first authority that your child looks up to. You are therefore at a position to create the rules of the house. You are also at a position to reward good deeds and point out areas that need improvement. To avoid raising entitled kids, practice your authority consistently. Do not let them get away with some actions just because you are not in the mood to deal with the child. If a child does something wrong, give them a deserving punishment and make them understand why it is wrong to act so.

Parents have the tendency to compare children. However, children are of different abilities and characters and they should not be compared. Using one child as a benchmark for the other may prove problematic since the child who is always compared to the other may have self-esteem issues. Remember the child needs to develop his or her own character and comparing them may not help matters.

Love your child unconditionally but do not let their actions deter you from taking disciplinary actions when need be. Ensure that the child understands what is wrong or right form the earliest time possible. Ensure you cater for all the child’s needs to avoid issues later on in life. Give them attention, help them in understanding complex issues in life and ensure their basic needs are catered for properly.

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3 responses to “Tips For Not Raising “Entitled” Kids”

  1. ga53544 says :

    I can’t believe you posted about this…we were just discussing today how the sense of entitlement has literally blown us away. As a past undergraduate nursing college professor this actually drove me to leave my past occupation in undergraduate education due to the amount of entitlement I saw in college age kids. They paid their money now give them their grade attitude. We are raising spoiled brats. BUT it isn’t too late…we give kids trophies for playing, we tell them it’s alright when they are mean because someone was mean to them first. There isn’t a lot of discipline now days, not like when I was a kid. Great post. 🙂

  2. KPadgett says :

    I love this post and how fitting at the beginning of a new school year. I was a teacher and have found that many parents side with their children these days and against the teacher (not all of course).
    My kids are still pretty young (3 and 1) but we are starting to teach them they will not always be invited to the same activities, get the same rewards, etc. We are also teaching them about how to handle situations on their own by teaching them ways to talk it out with a friend or sibling.
    Such a refreshing post and great read!

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