How Length Of Human Pregnancy Can Vary


It has been discovered that pregnancy duration heavily relies on natural factors as opposed to the human estimates that are normally made. The trajectory that natural pregnancy will take can be accurately within the early stages of fertilization. So what really influences pregnancy duration in women?

Change in Sample Testing

Earlier on, pregnancy lengths were calculated using erroneous methods such as using the rising temperature of a woman to determine when an embryo implanted. This method was later on ruled out and the current investigation for embryo implanting is determined through urine samples. Three hormones-human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), pregnanediol-3-glucoronide and estrone-3-glucoronide are used as indicators for embryo implantation in the womb. When the embryo successfully implants, it secretes the hormone HCG whose levels in the female body determine successful fertilization.

Factors Determining Length of Pregnancy

How long the embryo takes to implant heavily determines the pregnancy duration of the woman. Additionally, the ratio of estrogen to progesterone level affected pregnancy lengths—the longer the progesterone levels took to rise, the shorter the pregnancy period with birth occurring as early as 12 days. Another factor that heavily influenced pregnancy duration was age of the woman—older women take much longer to give birth compared to younger women.

Weight was also discovered to play a major role in pregnancy lengths. Women who were naturally heavier at birth were discovered to have longer pregnancy days compared to women who weighed less. Approximately, each 100g of weight on the woman equals to a one day increase in the longer the pregnancy will take.

A last determining factor of pregnancy lengths was the history of previous pregnancies. Generally, it was discovered that if a woman took longer days to give birth in the past, they are likely to take longer conceiving in the future. This observation was drawn from the constant idea that women show consistency patterns in delivery throughout their lives.

Thus pregnancy lengths are determined by the factors that play at the early stage of pregnancy, age of the woman, weight at birth and the consistency in delivery showed by the woman.

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