How To Deal With Kids That Overeat


Parents may often worry about the number of snacks their child seems to eat through the day. If you too fret about kids that overeat, do not worry, this is a situation faced by many parents. Children tend to need food in shorter and more regular intervals that adults do. When you consider the fact that they have a small stomach, a high growth rate and energy level, it makes sense for them to feel hungry more often than you do.

How to Help Kids that Overeat

The most important thing that you can do when dealing with children who overeat is to be prepared. It would be wise to have a selection of healthy snacks, easily available. This way, when your child is hungry and needs to eat between meals, you can offer a nutritious snack.   Children need 30% less fats than they did as babies. So when you plan family meals and snacks you need to bear this in mind. Fruit, yogurt, whole grains are great options to choose from. For young children do avoid foods such as peanuts and raisins that may be choking hazards.

It is vital that you allow your child to understand when his or her body is sending them signals that they are full. Do not force a child to finish everything on their plate if they are full. Instead next time you could reduce the size of the portions. Of course, you would want to ensure that they do not leave out the vegetables and only finish the pasta or sandwich that they love!

For some children eating is a way of spending quality time with the parents. To avoid this association we think you may want to plan on some one-on-one time with your child daily. The last snack for the day could be eaten an hour or two before bedtime, after which you can declare the kitchen closed. This will help avoid any delays at bedtime.

Unless your pediatrician is concerned about your child’s weight, do not worry if your child is eating frequently. Do ensure that they have adequate healthy snacks and meals through the day, and understands when their body is full.

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