Backpack Safety Tips For Your Kids


Going to school is a physically demanding task for kids, especially those who are just starting out. They have to wake up early everyday to catch the bus and endure a full day in classes. They also have to carry a heavy pack full of books and that can take a toll on their back. Parents can help their children cope by providing them a good backpack that will lessen the stress on their small bodies. Here are a few kids backpack safety rules:

The Weight of the Pack

The books are already going to be extremely heavy and you don’t want to add to that by given them a weighty pack. Choose something that is fairly light yet has enough cushioning and other protective features. It should be large enough to accommodate everything than needs to be carried so that there won’t be a need for another bag for items that won’t fit. If there are lockers at the school, the unnecessary books at the moment should be placed there to reduce their burden between classes.

The Shoulder Straps

Never buy a pack with only one shoulder strap. There must always be two and both have to be used at the same time to balance out the load on the shoulders. Otherwise, one side will always feel more stress. Children may experience posture issues down the road. The shoulder traps should be wide and adequately padded to distribute pressure.

The Waist Strap

Packs that have a waist strap may be considered if the load is unusually heavy. This strap will ease some of the load on the shoulder by transferring it onto the hip bone. This is a system that hikers use themselves to manage carrying their large backpacks on long hikes in the mountains.

The Padded Back

Aside from books, kids may be carrying pencils, scissors and other sharp objects inside their pack. These may protrude at the back and cause discomfort. Be sure to buy something with thick foam padding for this area to protect them from possible bruising.

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