Tips for Treating Your Teen’s Acne


Acne can be a source of frustration in teens, given it has no true cure. To keep it under control, use conventional medications or let it clear as you grow older. Here are some tips for treating teenage acne:

Medical Treatments

• Benzoyl peroxide

You can buy benzoyl peroxide in drugstores as a gel, liquid wash, or lotion without a prescription. It works by killing harmful bacteria, unplugging oil ducts, and healing pimples. Take note the gel formulation can cause skin reddening and drying. To avoid this possible side effect, start with a lotion or liquid wash.

• Using benzoyl peroxide

Teens should apply a 5% lotion or wash once daily during first seven days. If one does not develop symptoms like skin reddening, up usage to twice per day. In addition, it is advisable to avoid area around the eyes. If there is no improvement within 4-6 weeks, go for 10% gel or lotion and start applying sparingly as described above.

Strong Medications

• Isotretinon

Isotretinon is sold as a pill using brand names like Sotret or Accutane. Since it is very strong, it should only be used when other treatment options fail. Moreover, pregnant women should never take it to avoid birth defects and deformities. In general, one should take isotretinon under careful supervision of a doctor.

• Retinoid

Retinoid, available as a gel or cream, is the next teen acne drug doctors prescribe if benzoyl peroxide fails. After applying retinoid, teens should not visit tanning salons or expose themselves to direct sunlight. Known side effects include skin reddening and peeling.

• Antibiotics

Antibiotics in the form of pills, gels, lotions, creams, or solutions can also help.

Word of Caution

When treating acne, teens should not expect instant results. Patience is the key because it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks for noticeable change to appear. Furthermore, one should always follow their doctor’s directives religiously, and never increase or reduce prescribed dosage. It is also not wise to use another person’s acne treatment. It is important to remember that, with continuous treatment and care, acne can clear up mostly, if not fully, in most cases.


If you have a teen struggling with acne, try benzoyl peroxide. For medications like retinoid and isotretinon, consult a qualified doctor first. Follow Us For More Articles on Parenting and More.


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