Tips For Managing Gestational Diabetes


Gestational diabetes is a condition that affects more than 135,000 pregnant women per year. The condition arises only in pregnant women because of the shift in hormones that such women experience. A brief explanation of the condition is that it is a high blood sugar level that develops and is first diagnosed during a women’s pregnancy. Symptoms of gestational diabetes include symptom such as fatigue, extreme thirst, frequent urination and bladder infections.

Many cases of gestational diabetes disappear after the birth of the child. However, the pregnant woman must take steps to ensure that she keeps her blood sugar level down as much as possible. Gestational diabetes can cause the birth of an extremely heavy baby or health problems for the baby if the women does not control it. The following are some tips for managing gestational diabetes:

Dietary Changes

A woman should control the number of times she eats during the day, and she should eat specific percentages of certain foods. For one, the woman should eat at least three meals per day, and she should take snacks in between those meals. She will want to get about 45 percent of her calories from carbohydrates. She will want to choose lean proteins to eat, and she will want to make those account for 20 percent of her overall meals. Furthermore, the woman will want to keep the fat down to a 35 percent minimum. If she does eat fats, she should ensure that they are healthy fats such as avocados and nuts.

Frequent Tests

Frequent testing is an important factor in controlling gestational diabetes. A woman should test herself before and after meals to ensure that she is staying within the confines of a healthy blood sugar level. The doctor can prescribe a testing device or the women can purchase one at a local pharmacy or drug store.

Gestational diabetes can be managed if the person takes the test as early as possible during pregnancy. The obstetrician will usually want to take the test at the 24th week of pregnancy. Please follow us for more tips and information on parenting, pregnancy and more.


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