Getting Your Kids To Bed On Time, Painlessly


It’s no mystery that the last thing children want to do is go to bed, no matter their age. They can think of a million things to do aside from hitting the sheets and heading to z-town. However, studies indicate that the most important thing a child can do during their formative years is get enough sleep. This is especially crucial during their critical years of growth. Here are some tips from Successful Parenting Today:

Set up a Schedule:

While this is difficult for some families to stick to due to work schedules or split family visitation schedules, it is important to maintain a strict bedtime schedule. That way, your child will always know what to expect and when. Show them what time is bedtime on the clock every night, how long it is until bedtime, and let them know what needs to be done until bedtime.

Create a Routine:

When children have a routine to follow every night at bedtime, they are less likely to fight you when it comes time to go to sleep. However, establishing this routine may have some bumps along the way. So, be prepared for that. Kids and bedtime is a rocky road to travel, therefore it’s important to practice patience during every leg of this journey. Be firm, and explain to them why it is important to have this routine and that it is healthy for them to follow. Don’t forget to let them use the potty during this routine.

Give Some Leeway:

Don’t be too structured with your routines and schedules or else your kids and bedtime routine won’t work. Set up a white noise machine in the bedroom and keep it playing in the background from the moment you begin your routine as an indicator that you’re ready to begin. Bring out the soft toys that are allowed to be in bed with your child during bedtime, and put away everything else. This is another indicator that their routine is beginning. However, this leeway does not include allowing your child to continue getting out of bed over and over.

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4 responses to “Getting Your Kids To Bed On Time, Painlessly”

  1. The Champa Tree says :

    Got to try this with my year old. He sleeps REALLY late!

  2. rivetingrantings says :

    I love having a routine for my daughter, she always knows what to expect and when to expect it… neither of us do well when we bust out of our routine.

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