Tips For Keeping Kids Safe On Vacations


How many times have you seen a child wandering in a crowd and then think, “How can the parents be so careless?” Upon talking to a mother and a father, however, most likely you would find that the parents simply turned their backs for a moment and the child was gone in flash, no carelessness involved. That situation could happen to anyone, including you and your partner.

In the rare event that your child runs off, here are some practical tips that you can use to help ensure kids’ safety.

Go With the Wind

You may laugh at this statement, but it’s true. Children who get separated from their parents tend to go the way the wind pushes them. If your child is separated from you on a beach or other expansive area, see which way the wind is blowing and keep it at your back while you are trying to track and find your child.

Place Vital Information on Your Child’s Possessions

Put information such as your child’s name, date of birth, height, weight, blood type and other vital statistics such as persons traveling with you, etc., along with your contact information in items such as belts, backpacks, fannypacks and clothing with pockets. Place the information on your computer and update as required for future trips. Keep it waterproof by placing vital statistics in a plastic bag.

Use a Sharpie

Using a Sharpie or another type of permanent markers to write cell phone numbers and essential vital information such as address, parental names, etc., on your child’s arm. These moves can make a difference when your child becomes separated from you. Using a metal ID bracelet with the same information can accomplish the same thing.

Family Photos

Place a family photo with your child’s belongings so that in the case that you do become separated, law enforcement officials can try to pick you out in a crowd.

Pack Business Cards

Another easy, but vital, piece of information are hotel business cards. Place these within other essential identifiers to help individuals contact you in the event of an unforeseen separation.

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5 responses to “Tips For Keeping Kids Safe On Vacations”

  1. nevernappingnanny says :

    Perfect timing! Perfect reading!

  2. charmbutterfly19 says :

    I love the idea of the sharpie and the photo!

  3. abundance in the boondocks says :

    Some unconventional tips but great to consider. I like the idea of using a sharper to write my number on my kid’s arm. I would use this especially when I plan to be in a crowded place like a State Fair or carnival. Where did you learn about the wind and how kids move? Interesting idea, too.

  4. jmsabbagh says :

    Great points and very helpful.Thank you for following my blog.Wishing you the best.

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