Why Teen Girls Should Avoid Drinking Soda


Young people like soda, but it is not the best beverage for teens and preteens.  If you have a teenage daughter, there are reasons to encourage her to make healthier choices.

Drinking Soda May Cause Early Puberty in Girls

Girls in their preteen and early teenage years risk entering puberty sooner than girls who do not drink these carbonated beverages.  One study has shown that girls who drink soda on a daily basis experienced their initial menstrual periods 2.7 months before girls who drink less soda or none at all.

While thirteen years of age is the average age for first periods in girls who do not drink carbonated beverages, the age is only 12.8 years in girls who consume it regularly.

Early Puberty May Lead to Adolescent Depression

There can be complications to early puberty.  Early puberty is one risk factor in developing breast cancer during the adult years.  Early menstrual periods also increase the risk of adolescent depression.

Early Puberty May Lead to Girls Being Sexually Active at an Earlier Age

Early puberty may also increase a girl’s chance of becoming sexually active at an early age.  It can make a girl feel different from her peers when she has started having periods before her friends.  While the sugar in standard sodas affect her body’s blood sugar levels, diet soda can actually increase the risk of weight gain.

Whether your daughter is a young teen or has not yet reached her teenage years, it is never too soon to discourage her from drinking soda.  You can explain the health complications associated with teens and soda, and provide healthier beverages for her to drink.

You do not need to have soda in your home, or provide it when your daughter has guests.  You can stress the importance of drinking fruit juice, milk, and fresh water instead.  If you start a “no soda” policy at home, your girl will begin to enjoy beverages that are actually good for her. She may not miss soda when you offer her a wide range of healthier options, however replacing soda with healthy beverages will benefit your daughter’s health.  Frequent soda consumption is a habit your child does not need.

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4 responses to “Why Teen Girls Should Avoid Drinking Soda”

  1. Stacy Lee Flury says :

    Reblogged this on Anchor Of Promise and commented:
    There are many reasons why soda is bad for kids. Now here’s another reason why it is bad for teenage girls. Important! Please read and share. Thanks Successful Parenting Today!

  2. makupsy says :

    I had no idea…no more soda for my little missy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Mom Meets Blog says :

    Very interesting – I have at least 2 friends whose daughters have entered an early puberty. I’ve always had a no soda policy at home – I don’t buy it and we don’t order it when we eat out – if you don’t start them on it they won’t know the difference.

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