Having A Family May Improve Dad’s Career


All parents, it seems want the same thing.  They want a challenging and rewarding career and a healthy and happy family life. Most parents including fathers are working to facilitate their family life first and to climb the career ladder second.

For decades the male was expected to put his work life first followed by his home life.  Today’s fathers are more in tune with forging bonds with their children. They want paternity leave and flexibility in their schedules to pursue family obligations.  A recent survey of 970 working fathers found that their job satisfaction was directly tied to whether or not his employer was sympathetic to his sense of obligation to his family.

A Better Work-Family Balance

Whether it’s the dad’s career or the mother’s, parents today want less conflict between work and family.  They want employers that understand men and women find enrichment in work family environments that promote the relationships of parents and their children.  It is far more satisfying to work for a company that encourages the family relationship while seeking growth in their perspective industries.  These employees work harder because they know the value their job offers their families.

This fosters the worker’s allegiance to the job. And it works for men and women.  Women have traditionally felt more conflict between work obligations and family life. While fighting for the quality of their family life is new to men, they are experiencing far less conflict.  Any worker who knows they are appreciated for what they bring to the table at work will feel a greater appreciation for their jobs especially when family obligations must take precedence. They feel a sense of comfort knowing their jobs will be there when they can return to work.


Guilt-Free Days Off

More and more men are taking family leave and they’re doing it with the support of their employers. They’re taking guilt-free days off to pursue family matters and experiencing no repercussions for those days off. And they’re not experiencing any career setbacks due to their choices.

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The tide is still turning as more and more fathers are learning the joys of fatherhood.  They continue to take more of an active role in rearing their children. Fathers do this not with the intention of sacrificing job satisfaction, but with the intention of gaining satisfaction in their roles as fathers.  Now that the concept of work family includes one’s professional career and one’s personal family life, we are poised to see continued change as workers demand it. To keep up with the trends in family and parenting, follow us at Successful Parenting Today.

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