Why You Should Install Low Flow Fixtures in Kids’ Bathrooms


If your kids have their own bathroom all to themselves, we highly recommend installing low-flow fixtures for the plumbing. There are several reasons that this can be beneficial to you and your family but one of the main benefits is safety — especially if your children are under the age of 6. Child drownings occur every year in a number of different ways; these drownings don’t always occur in large amounts of water, but can occur in as little as an inch of standing water.

161936490Children can be mesmerized and attracted to faucets and sinks, and there have been several cases where a child has drowned after climbing up a bathroom sink and falling into a quickly-filling sink. In several of these incidents, it took less than a minute for the drowning to occur. While low-flow faucets cannot completely prevent a situation like this, the slower water release from a low-flow faucet could have given valuable seconds between when the child fell in, and when the parents discovered the child.

Aside from the danger of drowning, a child playing with the water faucet — as children often do — can quickly fill a sink, bathtub or other fixtures with water, leading to overflow and flooding. The damage to your bathroom could be quite extensive if a flood occurs. Again, while a low-flow fixture cannot completely prevent these accidents, they can give parents more time to discover that the child is playing with the water faucet, and more time to shut it off before accidents happen.

86542883Water cost is another reason to keep the kids’ bathroom with low-flow faucets. It is not only playing around with the faucet that can waste water, but even while brushing teeth or washing, children can leave the faucet running full blast for long amounts of time. Not only will this be wasteful, but will end up costing parents more when they go to pay the water bill every month.

Tax Savings for Installing Low-Flow Faucets

Many states around the United States offer tax incentives and savings for households that actively conserve both energy and water. Depending on the state, low flow fixtures may be included in these tax breaks. It is recommended that homeowners check their local tax and energy savings programs to see if these are included and get a little relief from your annual tax burden.

Parents Can Benefit As Well

The kids’ bathrooms aren’t the only rooms where low-flow fixtures can be installed, parents’ bathrooms, guest bathrooms and other rooms can be outfitted with low-flow faucets and fixtures for extra water savings. While it may take a few days to get used to the lowered water pressure, you will immediately see just how much water you have wasted in the past, and you will quickly adjust your water usage habits.

The only room where we do not recommend parents to install low-flow fixtures is the family kitchen. When you have kids, there are sure to be a lot of messes to be cleaned; for the variety of messes a child can create, we recommend having a source of high-pressured water to cut through even the biggest messes.

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