Using Your Steam Cleaner for Home Cleaning


Steam cleaners are an excellent way to clean your home, especially when you have family members or pets that have allergies or bad reactions to chemical cleaners. When steam reaches temperatures, up to 180° to 212° the cleaning is the most effective.  These temperatures can often be achieved after the cleaner has been on for 10-20 seconds — depending on your make/model.

Steam cleaning is a natural way to clean without the use of chemicals.  It disinfects, killing bacteria like listeria, e-coli and salmonella.  No toxic residues are left behind, making it environmentally friendly. And, most importantly, it can be used on a multitude of surfaces including floors, appliances, countertops, draperies, mattresses, carpets and pillows.

Like all easy home cleaning processes, rules do apply to get the best results consistently.  Homeowners with hard water should only use distilled water to refill their steam cleaners. This will prevent the steamer from becoming clogged with the residue from the hard water. Always unplug the device before refilling it or changing the pads.  Use the steam cleaner by starting with the cleaner surfaces first and then moving to the dirtier surfaces. Change the pads as often as necessary to keep from using a dirty pad to clean a surface.

In the Kitchen

Steam cleaners can be used to clean cooked on fat and grease off grills, ovens and stove tops. They can be used to defrost freezers.  They can remove dirt and grime off tile grout very efficiently. Steam is also an excellent disinfectant for kitchen surfaces where raw meat is prepared frequently.

In the Living Room or Bedroom

123350529Steam can be used to clean fabric, leather, vinyl or plastic seating. It cleans tile, hardwood, vinyl and carpeted floors very well, leaving owners with a sense of comfort knowing that bed bugs and dust mites were killed in the cleaning process. Steam can clean fire place surrounds and hearths as well as curtains, drapes, upholstery and mattresses.  To clean a mattress, first vacuum the surface to remove any dust and hairs.  Then steam directly into the mattress covering the whole mattress.  Allow up to four hours for the mattress to dry after steam cleaning.

Your steam cleaner is practically the only cleaner you’ll need if you learn how to use it.  There will only be a few delicate wood or painted surfaces you will never touch. Otherwise, you can steam clean with impunity.

Remember to check back for more helpful hints and tips for the home.


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