Common Worries Teens Have and How Parents Can Address Them

Common Worries Teens Have and How Parents Can Address Them

The teenage years can be a difficult time for adolescents and their parents.  When you understand teen issues, you can help your son or daughter. The main issues teens tend to worry about include school, body image, stress, depression, and their families.  As teen worries do not simply disappear, parents need to take an active approach.

Communicating With Your Teen

First, strive for open communication with your teen.  Let him know he can always come to you if he has a question or a problem.  If you sense something is wrong, but he does not approach you, do not hesitate to bring up the subject.  Do not be judgmental.  The goal is communication, not confrontation.

Praise the Positive

Second, use praise frequently but wisely.  Your teen needs to know his accomplishments are appreciated, but he also needs to know that he is appreciated.  Take every opportunity to let him know you love, accept, and appreciate him.  Hugs and smiles can be as encouraging as words.

Mistakes Can Be Lessons

Third, express confidence and trust in your teenager.  Assist him when he needs help, but allow him to make mistakes.  Help him understand a mistake does not mean he is a failure.  He can become stronger and more self-reliant.  Letting your teen know you trust and believe in him can strengthen his self-confidence and help him make good decisions.

Avoid Labels

Fourth, do not label your teen.  Negative labels can destroy his self-confidence.  If you want him to do his best, positive messages are the most useful approach.

Sometimes You Will Need Help

Fifth, do not hesitate to seek outside help if it becomes necessary.  Teen worries that appear minor to parents can sometimes be too much for a teen to cope with, even with a parent’s assistance.  In addition to basic teen issues, your teen may also be struggling with a mental health problem or substance abuse.  Professional help can lead to a happier, healthier life for your teenager.

Many teenagers today struggle with everyday life.  Attention, affection, and guidance from a parent can make a difference.  Your teen can get through these years with the least amount of difficulty, and have a solid foundation for his adult life.


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