Differentiating Between The Four Major Parenting Styles


Proponents of the “Nature vs Nurture” theory on child development are fully aware of the fact that parenting is probably the most influential aspect of a child’s life. Of course, this means that different parenting styles will have certain effects on children, which of course should also mean that parents may wish to analyze their own behavior in an effort to discover whether or not their approach to child rearing is effective.

In many families, parenting approaches are blended. It is invariably unreasonable to expect both mother and father to have precisely the same personality, and therefore one should realize that each parent has a different set of experiences to bring to the table. The key is to open the lines of communication within the parenting unit in order to find an adequate compromise.

There are four major parenting styles to take note of:

1. Uninvolved
At the very bottom of the food chain we find the one parenting style that seems based almost entirely on willful neglect of the child’s developmental needs. In this instance, the parents do the bare minimum in terms of providing basic care. These parents take care of their own needs rather than spending quality time with their children, neglecting them in terms of social interaction.

2. Authoritarian
This parenting style seems almost reminiscent of a parent-child dictatorship. Parents create a set of strict rules without needing to justifying the reasons behind them. These parents have remarkably high expectations of their children despite never finding it necessary to open the channels of communication. Punishment for misbehavior is often harsh.

3. Permissive
Permissive parents are the complete antithesis of authoritarian parents. Rather than take on a leading role, they prefer to play at being “friends”. These parents often have no expectations of their children, allowing them to freely make decisions of their own accord.

4. Authoritative
Authoritative parenting is perhaps the most balanced approach of the four. It is considered to be a democratic stance on the parenting role, offering a reward/reinforcement paradigm for good and bad behavior. The lines of communication are kept open and any rules are backed by proper reasoning. These parents are attentive and affectionate without giving up their leadership role.


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5 responses to “Differentiating Between The Four Major Parenting Styles”

  1. makupsy says :

    I actually had no idea that there were parenting styles. After reading this I think I fall under Authoritative style. This was very informative, thank you for sharing 🙂

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    They say you learn something new everyday…

  4. kaymcurt says :

    What about attachment parenting???

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